Susann Rottloff and the secret to a successful career in Real Estate

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The Real Estate investment advisor has been living in Playa del Carmen for four years, and she had managed to find the key to make her clients wishes come true. Discover more about her day to day as well as her view on the Real Estate Industry.

Name: Susann Rottloff

Facebook: Susann_theagencyrm

Instagram: @susann_theagencyrm


Title: Real Estate investment advisor

City you live in: Playa del Carmen

Most recent city visited…  I just did a long Europe trip where I went to Berlin, Rome, the island Brac in Croatia, Istanbul and to the beautiful Spanish island Mallorca. 

A typical day in my life includes… I love waking up without setting an alarm, I always dreamt about living like that since I was a child. I start my day with meditating and a gym session with my personal trainer. After that I prepare my food for the day and head to work.

At my office I work hand in hand with my assistant on answering all my clients, being on top of what is going on in the market and strategizing my marketing. When I am not at the office, I am running around the Riviera Maya showing my clients properties.

After work I meet my friends, go salsa dancing or join different holistic activities like breathwork or sound healing. Living in Playa del Carmen is amazing and I am so grateful for having access to all these different activities. 

My first job was… Selling fruits to my neighbors that I collected from the trees and distributing marketing mail. 

My favorite thing about traveling is… Being able to step into another culture and trying all kinds of different food and wine.

I draw inspiration from people who have a gift and make a positive change in the world. And from my wonderful boyfriend who inspires me always to become better at what I am doing. 

I separate myself from others in this field by being very German 😉 Meaning being always on time, very honest and efficient. I also do not take no for an answer and try everything in order to get what my clients want. 

My greatest career achievement this far is having worked in 2 different countries in Real Estate and having started from zero both times. I am also very happy to have become part of the agency and working with a huge network of amazing real estate agents worldwide.

My favorite place in town to enjoy an authentic meal is Cameron Clandestino, they have the best seafood tacos in town. 

People would be surprised to know what amazing returns on investment houses in Tulum can get you. The more bedrooms the better, while amenities like a pool, gym or cinema room will get you a very high occupancy rate. I work closely with great developers to also customize homes and make people’s dreams come true.

Photographs: Susann Rottloff

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