5 Ways to Decorate in Modern Chic Style

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Chic is in—whether it’s what you’re dressed in, the atmosphere of the newest wine bar or the ambiance of your home, chic is everywhere. Chic is a French word that by definition means “elegantly and stylishly fashionable.” At times, the style of chic can be hard to pinpoint since it is not necessarily its own style, but a combination of other styles combined to elicit a similar look or feeling. With chic so in right now, we couldn’t help but dig around and see what makes an interior chic, and the best ways to achieve the look in your own home. Here’s 5 ways to chic it up!

1. Mix plain hues with pops of color

Often chic rooms are built around a very plain and simple structure. Basic walls, plain floors and large furniture pieces in neutral colors create the base while the fabrics, accessories and wall decor bring it to life. Bright and colorful designs bring out the fun, fashionable aspect while the simply stated base of the room maintains the sophisticated ambiance to create a perfect balance between casual and refined.

2. Use unique furnishings and accessories

Don’t limit yourself to throwing a few brightly-colored pillows onto the couch and calling it a day. Get creative with other home pieces like lamps, coffee tables and rugs. These pieces can make big statements while still serving a practical purpose in everyday life. A funky shaped light, an offbeat coffee table or an eccentric rug can do a lot of for a space.

3. Pay attention to the walls

Don’t forget about the walls—artwork can set the overall tone of a room and create an easy starting point of which to base the rest of the decor off of. Choose something you love, whether it be a wildly-hued painting or photograph of a place or famous face, artwork can say a lot.

4. Forget matching

Chic—especially modern chic—throws the rules of matching out the window. In fact, it often aims to do the opposite. Mix different patterns and designs for a great mismatched look. Pops of unexpected colors and textures are the ultimate way to liven things up and keep things bold. So stick the green rug next to the orange lamp and revel in your rebellion.

5. Let the light in

Natural light is the best way to light up the room. With a neutral base and bright white walls, the natural rays of sun are the best way to keep the colors in your room true to themselves.

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