Amor & Rosas: Design and Sustainability in Mexico

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The co-founders of Amor & Rosas, Laura and Debra, met during their mastership at Yale University. Sharing their love for fashion, it was where they became friends over their passion of ethnic fashion and entrepreneurship. It was for this reason that their project together: Amor & Rosas won the prestigious Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellowship Award, which allowed them to incubate the company with support from a group of mentors, seed capital, and a support community. They work from Mexico City and Seattle, with the aim of creating authentic and modern clothing for socially conscious women.

Each of our garments is unique, like the women behind them. We mix modern designs, to create easy-to-wear pieces with the highest quality fabrics.”

The methodology they use is by respecting the ancestral techniques of Latin America. They are inspired by the artisans, who put their heart and hands in each garment. In this way it is considered important that each piece is signed by them. Looking to give capable women opportunities around Latin America and at the same time preserve our cultural heritage.

By making alliances with artisans living in rural communities, not only does it help them to have an additional source of income, but they also preserve the precious craft techniques that are being extinguished. The social impact of Amor & Rosas is the true meaning of the brand. In addition they are constantly innovating to reduce the ecological impact. In this project we believe in sustainable supply and in being kind to the planet earth, our home. Whenever possible, they use the worn pieces of fabric, they work with artisans who use natural pigments and create high-quality garments that aim to last for years. We just LOVE this brand.

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