Rosetta, Art at the Table

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The restaurant Rosetta, the favorite of many Mexico City’s inhabitants, is a cozy space in Colonia Roma. Located inside an antique house of the colony, reconstructed as a restaurant but keeping the rooms of the mansion as separate spaces with tables and tablecloths, the old stairs, moldings on the walls and ceilings, a natural lighting during the day and a half romantic one during the night, with vegetation and a palette of pastel colors on the murals and textiles of the house, Rosetta is filled with a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

It is very difficult to take place in one of its tables without reservation, nor think to pass by on a weekend without a table reserved. Rosetta is complete with a resounding success and  is pleasant for families, young people and foreigners. The proposal of the Mexican chef Elena Reygadas was opened in 2010, offering since then an honest kitchen, single and unpretentious. The menu changes depending on the season, using the products available in each one of them, while retaining some promising dishes of the restaurant to keep a dialog with the customers who enjoy them continuously.

The methodology of the cuisine of Rosetta is through craft techniques, providing character to each one of its dishes and ensuring its quality. The ingredients being the primary materials of this profession always play the leading role, understanding its place in every dish.

The restaurant Rosetta is special and unique, because the creative Elena Reygadas not only fabricates magic in the kitchen and is recognized by this, she also studied English letters so the space recreates a combination of Rome in its glory over the table surrounded by a simulation of an English garden house. The chef Reygadas was worthy of the Veuve Clicquot Award for Best Female Chef of Latin America 2014 , one of the surveys contained in the list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America.

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