BetseyVilla: Fashion Designer Betsey Johnson’s Mexican Rental

In Architecture & Design by Suzanne Koch

If you’re a fan of the eccentric and colorful world of fashion designer Betsey Johnson, then you’ll be pleased to know she is now renting out her Mexican villa, known as BetseyVilla, on Airbnb. According to the listing, the four-bedroom, six-bathroom home is described as being a tribute to her life and all of her favorite things.

Johnson originally purchased the home, which is located in Zihuatanejo, in 2004 after discovering the “funky beach town” on one of her many visits to Mexico. In 2014, she set out to remodel the home to truly reflect her life and style. As a result, the home is now adorned with a variety of collectibles and pieces she’s accumulated throughout her life. Some of her original drawings and artwork also dress up the walls along with portraits of Betsey herself.

“I wanted the house to just reek of Betsey. In the best way possible, of course! I knew that my dear fans and customers over the years would love the experience, so I made the entire house very personal. It’s full of my favorite antiques and junk I’ve collected over the years,” she said in an article from WWD.

Along with the off-the-wall decor and bold pops of color everywhere, the home also feature a stone-lined swimming pool, a lounging terrace, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, an exercise room and a fitness room. The listing describes the setting as being “…the richness of small, rural Mexico. Your own personal Idaho.”

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • From $618 per night

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