Bi Yuu, Rugs with Soul

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

If we speak about Mexican architecture and design it is impossible to not mention the Mexican textile company, Bi Yuu. In Yucatecan bi means air, breathe and wind; yuu means land, earth. Both words in Yucatecan.

“Weaving is talking and singing through symbols filled with meanings to describe the world.”

Bi Yuu was founded in 2012 by the textile designer Marisol Centeno. She created a specialized brand of rugs and textile design accessories with a strong vision of quality, leadership and social responsibility. This is why experimentation during the process of creation of each piece is absolutely important and one of the assets that make this company so valuable. The purpose of the manufacture of textiles is not only the aesthetics, it is also the chosen methodology from which the objects are made. Bi Yuu works with methodologies involving team collaboration and are based on the profound gratitude and appreciation for the artisan craft of weaving.

Each one of the pieces tells a different story that creates a link between the “viewers,” tradition, inspiration and emotions that were the basis for the creation of each one. The stories provide harmony, peace and well-being, managing to communicate with those who acquire the rugs. This achieves the ultimate objective of design: to remind the buyer what they felt the first time they saw it. Bi Yuu’s wonderful masterpieces create an ideal atmosphere for living, relaxing and working.

The textile history begins a long time ago and Bi Yuu is inspired by this to generate the entire philosophy of the brand; textiles have accompanied man throughout history and will continue to do so. They become a second skin and they are accomplices in each room and endure through time as the perfect companions. Take a look and fall in love with this beautiful handmade object.





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