Blend Mexico, the Designer Home

In Architecture & Design, Live by Isabella Moreno

Blend is a concept store that is committed to exhibiting the best design. Within its different floors are its showrooms that offer special pieces from national and international designers. Blend Mexico intends not only to be the home of designers and architects, but is also involved in different events, presentations and happenings throughout the city.

Mexico has many options for finding gorgeous design, architecture and art but Blend combines it all in one place. The building where the pieces are exposed, is a piece of art in itself that manages to show what it contains on the inside to the outside. It is formed by a glass facade that allows the space to function as a huge exhibitor and gallery along the plant-lined street. In fact, five times a year, various artists and designers are invited to make and display an art piece from this space for Blend’s frequent customers and everyone else that walks the street.

You will find decorative interior pieces from both emerging and recognized designers. The experience won’t be complete unless you enjoy a coffee from Eno from renowned chef Enrique Olvera, browse the book collections and of course, get intimate with the featured design houses like Bauhaus, ArteLinea, Casa Estudio, Molt and much more. Without doubt, Blend is the ideal space to spend hours choosing iconic pieces to customize your home, office or any space. Come and enjoy!

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