Café Cicatriz, From New York To Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Cities are always filled with different districts with new restaurants, bars, cafés and art galleries to enhance life for all the citizens. In the Juarez District in Mexico City you can find new restaurants and ancient buildings that have been reused to return life into this beautiful area of the city.

Coffee Cicatriz is one of these magical spaces. The owners are siblings from New York, Scarlett and Jake Lindeman. The cafe’s name comes from Scar, the diminutive of Scarlett, which is Cicatriz in Spanish. When Scarlett lived in New York she used to write about Mexican food and Jake was a photographer. Now, the duo perfectly manages this wonderful cafe with Scarlett in charge of the food while Jake makes the beverages.

The interior design of the space was created by the siblings during the time the cafe has been opened and they have taken advantage of the atmosphere that the previous space already had. Cicatriz Coffee offers food that you can enjoy from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., with breakfast and brunch offered in the morning and dinner in the evening. The cocktails that are served in here are the best drinks in the city where you can enjoy a beer or a classic cocktail prepared to perfection.

Cicatriz Coffee is without doubt one of the cafes that you should not miss.


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