Casa Altanera: Between the Sky and the Sea

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The Place

Having the main view of the Mexican Pacific Ocean is one of the greatest privileges that someone could have; it is strong, honest and fascinatingly beautiful. This place boasts not only having in front a spectacular sea, it is also surrounded by virgin vegetation and white sand, which makes it an idyllic place to spend unforgettable days. Casa Altanera is one of those places that you would like to transport yourself and stop time, just enjoy the gift of life and nature. It is located on the magical coast of Oaxaca, just a short drive from Puerto Escondido and both its beauty and its gastronomy will make you enjoy unique moments. 

The Architecture

The spectacular house by the sea is a creation of Alberto Calleja, who leads the Architecture firm TAC, which is characterized by establishing links with the context they occupy, and Casa Altanera is the best example. The project was developed in a single-family housing scheme contained in three different modules, one that acts as the main element with social areas and the other two that house the main bedroom and secondary rooms respectively, including the individual and shared service areas. The selection of materials, concrete and wood, responds to the needs of the space but at the same time they provide a sense of security, freshness and timelessness, while the relaxed but chic decoration invites the user to contemplate and enjoy the paradisiac place.

The Vibes 

Sharing Casa Altanera with your loved ones while tasting delicious dishes prepared with local ingredients by the hands of women endowed with cooking skills, sounds like a plan; these women, with their warmth and friendliness, will accompany you and make your stay an extremely pleasant experience. Swimming, talking, eating, walking; they are the simplest things in life that we sometimes lose track of, but they are the ones that give us more peace and fulfillment at the end. We are sure that Casa Altanera will be a shelter for all those in search of this kind of energy.


Photos courtesy of Taller Alberto Calleja.

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