Water House of Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Mexico City has a new drinking spot: Water House or “Casa del Agua” and as its name says, you won’t get any alcohol in here. This is one of the newest and more innovative projects of this special, oh so super special city. It is located on the street of Puebla No. 242 and this place is ruled by the basic necessity and element that governs our life: water.

Under the slogan of “Energy is not created nor destroyed, only transformed; the intention is the essential form of energy and water the universal driver,” the project was born. It is not the typical motto of drinking water to lose weight or because it is health fashion, this is a serious, sustainable project that aims to raise awareness on the importance of water. We are 70% water and it is important to pay attention to the type of water we consume. At Water House they give value to water that we drink.

This is the procedure by which the water is subjected:

“Always fresh, never transported or stored, comes to you without carbon footprint, that’s why we call it “the local water.” With the standard of higher market purification, it passes through a process of triple filtration, evaporation and condensation that makes it 100% pure. After it’s remineralized, it is ionized by increasing its alkaline properties and its moisturizing ability and antioxidants.”

Water molecules are harmonized with the intention of it being accomplished by means of light, forms of flow, music and messages of love and gratitude and respect. It’s bottled by hand using glass bottles and ceramics caps. The company is based on honesty, clarity and purity. It is worthwhile to experiment new sensations with the basic things such as water. The garden that is in the back allows you to enjoy the water with some essence, a tea and feel a part of nature.

It is important to emphasize that the projects that must be done in the future should take this one as an example, which includes not only design, architecture and a good aesthetic, but an intention to generate awareness in any aspect. Whatever the role, it originates and develop with intention.

Braaaa-voo Water House!


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