Casa Del Bosque: Relaxation at Home

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Although it is not a weekend house as it is located in Mexico City, La Casa del Bosque is very cozy and relaxing. We often think that to achieve disconnect from the daily, we need to leave our cities, but often we find in our homes the rest that we really need. The architects Jaime Regules Orbezo and Jaime Regules Bukantz are the creators of JR Arquitectos office, which is responsible for making houses not only living spaces, but dreams that come true. For this project, they thought of putting large windows to enhance and leverage the cedar forest that surrounds the land and use as much natural light as possible. The house has only one level and a basement. Even though the heights of the spaces are quite high, we are able to perceive the warmth of the home, thanks to the décor and warm tones. The pool is, of course, where we’d rather spend a Sunday afternoon, but the garden and the fireplace room are not far behind, along with the wine cellar, where lovers of fine wines can spend hours sipping on exquisite Malbec, Merlot or Sauvignons.

(Photos: Paul Czitrom)

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