Intimate Elegance: Casa Lecanda

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

It can be assumed easily that the best boutique hotel in Merida is Casa Lecanda. It is located in the historic downtown of the city of Merida, capital of Yucatan. Built on a traditional yucatecan casona, this hotel has been restored by a group of local architects and designers along with the current owners of this paradise, taking care of every detail to make you feel like you are inside a sanctuary in the middle of the so called, “White City.” The result is exquisite.

The outward appearance reflects the dialog of the city, except for the brightness of the materials that reflect the neatness and elegance of what it contains. Guests enter Casa Lecanda by the sound of a chime; when the doors opens you can observe the depth of the hotel and find yourself wrapped in a symphony of perfect input for each of the senses. The lobby is called “The Red Room” due to the color of the walls and it has fantastic paintings that create a perfect picture in each space with the furniture, light and vegetation. Each room is filled with a different aroma; this marvelous detail is the work of the perfumery that has invaded the southeastern part of Mexico called Coqui Coqui and carries you to fantastic places with each essence.

The objective of Casa Lecanda is to provide a space in which its guests will feel truly at home. It has a crystalline pool in the courtyard, surrounded by white stone and abundant vegetation. In the contiguous space is the relaxation spot with hammocks and shade that is necessary in summer, and tables near the pool where breakfast is served. This entire area is open and connected so that guests are able to go from one point to another.

Access is not allowed to people that are not guests of Casa Lecanda and being that it only has seven bedrooms, this policy creates an intimate atmosphere and total relaxation and rest. Children are also not permitted, adding to the calmness and serenity of the hotel.

Events are also limited and exclusive at Casa Lecanda and include weddings of no more than fifteen people, cooking classes and other small events in the terrace. Casa Lecanda represents exclusivity, design, art and elegance throughout every inch.

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