Casa T, a Private Villa in Tulum

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The design of this beautiful and special private villa in Tulum, Quintana Roo was a request by the customer—a fashion designer from New York in search of a refuge in the Caribbean. The house integrates different textures and color accents and elegantly adapts to the tropical environment. The project was based on playing with volumes and forms, trapping the inhabitant within different architectural surprises throughout. It is part of the portfolio of Studio Architecture, a company that’s responsible for generating different and beautiful spaces in Tulum. The rhythm and textures of this villa generate a complex simplicity that becomes a peaceful setting within the jungle.

The inner design of CasaT was a project in conjunction with the client, the union of different materials in a specific composition is part of the designer’s introspective speech. The name “Casa T” comes from the image created from the aerial view; the structure and shadows generated near the pool create the figure of the letter T. The feeling of New York City is also present; the polished concrete cement surrounded by vegetation with an infinity pool projects the idea of the city in paradise. During the execution of the project, the designer and architects respected the great amount of existing trees and incorporated them into the house like a tree crossing the shower and sink, or on the terrace, where the living nature became a part of the project.

CasaT is formed by three studies: “Earth Study” located on the ground floor with views of the garden and swimming pool contains the social area, a bedroom, the kitchen, dining room called “Darth Vader,” the living room, laundry room and bathrooms—all with polished concrete and integral furniture, built together with the house; the “Wind Study,” which is connected to the Earth Study, and overlooks the main courtyard, lobby, pool and social area; the “Fire Study,” located on the first floor, overlooking the back garden and terrace. The common area on the first floor is connected with the main room for a complete experience.

Finding such personalized spaces, that demonstrate the ideas and feelings of the customer in paradise are proof of the fascinating world of true architecture. By understanding what each customer feels and wants in a space and using materials, forms and rhythms to achieve it is the real objective.

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