Clorofilia, Beating Interior Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Clorofilia is a Mexican furniture and interior design company whose passion is to translate the aesthetic qualities of daily life into furniture and object design that responds to the functional needs of each space, giving them character and a unique essence. The proposals of this office are interior design projects that reflect the pleasure of creating. Involving the commitment of each member of the team that makes up the office, the dedication and passion they feel for the design manages to create unique and special furniture, spaces and objects.

Some of the services offered by Clorofilia Interiors are:

+Personal Shopper
+Digital Design
+Production and assembly

You can visit Clorofilia’s showroom with some of the furniture collection pieces in Mexico City. The showroom is a gallery where the objects create an atmosphere and experimental ambiance. This wonderful space proudly presents the most talented designers and Mexican creators. The founders of Clorofilia are Martha Vargas, Emmanuel Lemus and Diego Brun who recently celebrated two years since the opening of the office. On this occasion, inspired by the new vision of the designer Martha Vargas, the showroom shows an approach to geometry,  minimalism, neutral colors, fantastic botanics and the reminiscence of peaceful moments.



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