Collective 1050º

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Following the trend line returning to the origin, and the act itself to the retake the artisan process in everything:objects, food and methods of construction. So Collective 1050º creates clay objects made by hand in Oaxaca. It is a brand that is formed by 45 craftswomen from seven communities, a dozen people behind desks and collaborations around the world. The result is the teamwork of designers, artisans, artists, architects, programers and all those who are interested in the topic.

The objects are designed by means of traditional and ancestral methods but taking the appropriate morphology to fit in the contemporary world. The collective began as a conceptual research about how society is related with handicrafts, this led to a bigger study abroad (in the Netherlands)and currently exists and gives as a result a collection of objects made by hand with a specific design and intention . It is established as an experimental workshop in Oaxaca based in mud design, a hybrid company between a social enterprise which is avant-garde in the tradition that has characterized this Mexican State.

What Collective 1050º proposes  is generating honest, simple and beautiful objects. The creative process starts with the conceptual development passing through production and ending with the object and the specific use of each one of them. Collective 1050º creates mud products of high quality and has as an objective to fill with beauty the houses and the tables of all the concerned. There can be no more inspiration to create that the same tradition, the Mexican landscape and especially the Oaxacan mountains,the cultural impulse and contemporary art in the country: architecture, art, mezcal and silence.



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