Comité de Proyectos, Design With intention

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Comité de Proyectos is an interior design and furniture office that is dedicated to transforming spaces to improve people’s quality of life. They  explore the way people inhabit space and study the relationships that are created with objects, allowing them to offer accessible and customized design solutions for each space and personality. The work of this office is precise and inclusive, encouraging the participation of the clients as well as their colleagues to create a nucleus of work that engages all senses. They believe that collaboration always creates more. The methodology used in each project consists of observation, analysis and intuition with the purpose of creating spaces that forge an identity with the customer and meets their aspirations. For Comité de Proyectos, the excitement generated by their work is essential.

This office is a project by Andrea Flores and Lucia Soto. The office arises from the development of studying and analyzing the details of daily life with the aim of creating places that convey to the client the satisfaction of their expectations. It is a great pop-up and national proposal that represents the high quality design and manufacturing to dress up and decorate a space where the details of daily life are reflected in furniture and design objects in Mexico City.

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