Coyoacan’s Best Kept Secret

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

It is the most picturesque and enjoyable part of Mexico City. With museums, galleries and coffee shops everywhere, Coyoacan is classified as one of the “must go” places here. If you want to taste a delicious exotic flavor ice cream or take pictures next to folk characters this is where you can. Although every person that lives in this city has visited Coyoacan, not everyone knows about the existence of this interesting place. It is called, The Elena Garro Cultural Center, in honor of the name of the Mexican author. The architecture is a work from Fernanda Canales together with arquitectura 911sc. Other creators were also involved in the project as the landscape was made by Entorno Taller de Paisaje and the lighting made by Artenluz. This place encourages intellectual activity with an enormous bookstore, an auditorium, seminar rooms as well as reading spaces. It is also a fantastic place to take children; they’ll have so much fun at the time that they acquire knowledge through books. If you need a quiet place to concentrate while you work or listen to music, do not hesitate to attend the cafeteria. The colorful and modern design of the Elena Garro Cultural Center in combination with the magic vibes of Coyoacan will let you have a great afternoon enjoying yourself.

Photos: Jaime Navarro and Sandra Perez-Nieto

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