Decada is a Vintage Furniture Store at the Santa Maria la Ribera

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Santa María la Ribera is the colony that has been growing little by little for many years in the amazing Mexico City. Today there are many things that can be done within this beautiful area of ​the city. At Decada the two owners look for and sell furniture and objects that they love. They make sure that the furniture has a unique personality. They are not devoted to a particular period, but they are constantly looking for pieces that stand out for their design in the twentieth century. They believe that they should be appreciated and incorporated into our current life. And guess what, they are right! The combination makes it just perfect!

They also like that their clients feel inspired and that they share their taste and enthusiasm. At Decada they feel that the furnishing of spaces should be fun and without specific rules. They also believe that they should move away from the purchase of new items, manufactured in series that may lack personality, and explore the past through pieces that are both functional and design-forward. This is a store for personalities that seek to have unique pieces in their spaces, for people that seeks pieces that really represent history, culture and tradition combined with a contemporary touch. So for those beautiful gypsy souls, without a doubt this will be one of your favorite spaces of beautiful Mexico City.


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