Dining in Mexican Fashion

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Gaia Design has positioned itself as one of the most important online design and accessory stores in Mexico. Its affordable prices have allowed people all throughout the country to purchase design objects for their homes and offices. They have a wide range of products of several brands and designers, from little basics to an entire breech. My favorite kitchen products are these pewter plates and cups known as chic mexicano style.

1. The Frida and Diego cups are perfect for your hot coffee in the morning. They are also a great gift for Mexican culture lovers that admire Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.


2. This pewter set of 8 pieces is ideal for daily use because of its durability and resistance. You can find it in 5 different colors.


3. Kids also like design. Share with them your passion for creativity with this set of plates with animal graphics.


4. The loteria is the most traditional board game in Mexico. This tableware is inspired in the game’s card with colorful images.


5. Who wants some tequila shots? These little cups are specially designed for celebrations with colorful and floral skulls graphics.


6. If you prefer a more conservative model, these black and white plates are perfect for you.


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