Calista: A Mythology Based Jewelry Brand

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Calista was founded by two Mexican sisters, all their pieces are handmade from brass golden shower with natural stones. Laura and Regina Hernández design their pieces inspired by different stories (from real life and from mythological tales), they also consider love, beauty, victory, resilience, tenacity and wisdom.

All the jewelry found in Calista is made in Taxco, Guerrero by local craftsmen, each of their collections represents a different mixture of stories and tale:


Detailed and striking pieces that recall flower’s petals, earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets combined with rose quartz. The blossoming of flowers during spring time is one of the most celebrated times of the year in various cultures, that’s why these pieces celebrate nature, specifically the Cempasúchil in Mexico, Peonies in China and Cherry Blossoms in Japan.

Peonia Earrings

Nereidas / Galatea

In Greek mythology Nereidas are nymphs from the Mediterrean Sea and they represent all the beauty found in the ocean, the pieces in this collection emulate a mermaid’s and a fish’s tail.

Galatea Earrings


This particular set of pieces is based on the hinduism philosophy of the universe; in this religion it is believed that the universe is cyclic and infinite, so when something ends what it really means is that there’s something new about to start. The shapes found in the Jagat jewelry collection are stars or spirals combined with quartz and seraphinite.

Brahma Earrings, Brahma Kam Necklace and Brahma Necklace.

They were part of the recent digital version of Caravana Americana (the art, object and fashion fair that exposes Mexican and Latin American designers). Apart from their presence in concept stores and showrooms, they have an e-commerce as well an Amazon page, you can buy their pieces here or take a look at their designs on their IG page here.

Promoting independent brands that work with local artisans and materials, is a way of supporting small businesses, and collecting handmade and unique pieces for your jewelry collection.

Pictures: courtsey of the brand.

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