El Camino Mezcalería

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

At this moment in history time lasts less; days are filled with activities, openings, events and important dates. Fashion changes weekly and spaces have been transformed to accomplish what society needs. The itinerant spaces are a kind of limited duration stores, bars or restaurants that suggest a guaranteed success in the present and future times.

El Camino Mezcalería is a project that rescues the history of mezcal to share it from a different space, opening it up to more people with the possibility to be present in more places. The founder of this project is Kevin Sampson, an entrepreneur that lived in New York after spending his high school years in Mexico. He became involved in the restaurant and bar world, as well as in interior design. After five years of living in the Big Apple he decided to return to Mexico City to learn more about mezcal and other agave distillates. It was in 2015 when he decided to officially launch Mezcal AguaFuerte and it was then when he began the “El Camino Mezcalería” project to promote the brand of this drink.

The concept of this particular mezcalería is to be a nomad space, literally the experience is performed within and around the “El Camino” car, both as an object and a metaphor. It is a type of gypsy bar that has the ability to change scenery and generate experiences in different events and spaces. El Camino carries different brands of mezcal and distillates of agave as well as promotes the education and culture of the drink on another level. Some of the mezcals that form part of the El Camino bar are Sotol Coyote and Agua Fuerte.

Kevin Sampson’s project to make a road trip through Michoacan and document it, makes the car a bridge of dissemination and knowledge. In the same way, he will provide information on the drink throughout the country. Stay tuned into this great project that will for sure make you enjoy in any event.

Pictures by Paola Félix

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