Alonso Carrillo’s Language

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The artwork of Alonso Carrillo is the result of the different experiences that make up his life: pieces completely autobiographical. The inspiration that lived with him through his life starts making sense when he studies Architecture in the UNAM, lived a year in Paris and travel to fascinating places around the world. Always, the greatest inspiration has been the human endeavor; the artistic depictions of different cultures. All the inspiration Alonso Carrillo ,better known as “Cartú“, is reflected in the versatility of his line to project spaces both in three and two dimensions.

Cartú decided to make a brand that reflects the way in which he sees life. It is not a trademark that is inspired solely in the Mexican culture,  his work is inspired in understanding the combination of cultures that takes you to be the person that each person is and express this journey in art pieces. Alonso has created objects since notebooks and paintings and has gone all the way through art object, furniture and sculptures in different materials such as :ceramics, bronze, steel and silver.

Each piece is hand made by Alonso; the process is done with his hands and then after one prototype he makes a mold by which all the series is done. Cart’s collection is made up by more than fifty objects that he created and attempts to preserve the essence and intimacy of them by keeping the production in small number of pieces. His objective is to create objects that reflect the imagination of the artist and that join the person who acquires in the environment of his life. The objects he creates are reminders of life itself and are accessible to the majority of the public. The dialog that brings together all of his works is the mystery, the magic and mysticism of being. Alonso loves playing with the process of each project and with the materials; he leaves each object be itself in the production process by  having an identity without forcing the original idea he had in mind.

Ceramics  is the material that has let Alonso express his creativity the most. Molding with ceramic paste has allowed to play with the objectives that his pieces have, with textures, colors and materials. Alonso carol’s proposal has no comparison with any other thing since his work is totally unique to both: contemplate and feel. In addition to be a great artist, a talented designer, Alonso is an architect. Cartú is entitled by the UNAM in Mexico City and was a year in the L’É́cole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris Belleville. This trajectory makes Alonso Carrillo a multidisciplinary artist with a broad vision of the the light, the material and the different realities that surround us. It is a pleasure to admire your work.

“Parts that drew up are always foreign objects that refer to other cultures. My proposal is a bit surreal, although in reality it has a touch of everything”.




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