ESPAC: Mexico City’s New Contemporary Art Platforms

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

ESPAC means contemporary art space and is one of the new contemporary art platforms of Mexico City that has already shined in record time with the exhibitions that have developed. This space is a non-profit civil association dedicated to disseminate, to foster and promote the artistic production. With the philosophy to use art as a social tool to generate knowledge, it creates and allows the union of different audiences in the space, and is a way to add new art pieces to cultural contexts. In addition to preserve, disseminate and enrich the large collection of art that ESPAC already owns, it focuses on supporting emerging art that is able to achieve a critical role for the society. Creating as well a program for contemporary painting, emerging art and a program of audio-visual art.

ESPAC it located at Lomas de Chapultepec in Mexico City and currently has on display one of the most fascinating exhibitions that has been seen during a long time. The exhibition name is: “As ghosts that come from the shadows…” and is something unexpected and definitely not recommended for claustrophobic people, however is much more than a space inside another one. Its purpose is to take a journey to the inside escence of the introspection and understand the dialogue of the proposal and the surprises that are on the way. It is impossible to miss a new art experience in this space.

We are completely sure that ESPAC is a platform that will continue giving all kinds of surprises, so make sure to stay tuned!



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