Estudio UJ: Uniting Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

It is amazing to see how design has increasingly grown all over the world. Design expands and becomes a universal language through which we can express who we are and what we like. Graphic, industrial and interior design is just an extension of different thought currents that exist at a certain moment in history. At the same time there are so many different channels that it becomes a delight to understand all the different styles that exist. For this reason, it is more common for new brands of young, middle-aged and classic designers to continue offering new pieces to create wonderful atmospheres in different spaces. Estudio UJ in Nuevo León Mexico understands this perfectly and that is why it has become a platform where it unites buyers, design-lovers and the best interior design brands to achieve projects that are out of this world.

The mission of Estudio UJ is to develop innovative products and furniture through industrial design. It is a proposal for integral interior projects that considers the effects of the human relationship with the environments. In this same space you can also buy different products and furniture from prestigious brands worldwide. The value is to bring design and quality to the city of Nuevo León. The vision of Estudio UJ is the consolidation in the product design for the industrial area, furniture and decoration.


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