Fernanda Martínez: An Explosion of Energy and Color

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Making art is one of the most beautiful and honest ways to express and transmit; when the talent, passion and love for her country come together, magic is created and the results are astonishing.

She is Fernanda Martínez, born in Mexico City and responsible for making houses, buildings, offices and many more spaces vibrate with colors and texture thanks to each of her pieces. She has a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Anáhuac del Sur and has participated in collective exhibitions since 2011, the most recent ones being MEXICRANEOS, CDMX 2020, GUENDANABANI, Trazos de Mujer, CDMX 2019, and BEYOND ART, CDMX 2018.

In this interview Fernanda tells us about her inspiration, her technique and how her love for art was born. We like the idea of being able to share with you the work of people who really enjoy what they do, and this is such an example.

When did you start painting? 

I have loved painting ever since I was a young girl. Many years later, I joined a painting workshop and there was where I discovered that I could express how I felt while enjoying and experimenting with different techniques and materials; most importantly, I realized how happy I was while painting. 

What can you tell us about your passion for art? 

For me, art is provoking an emotion. It is an expression, colors, energy. It is transforming a space or a moment. It is freedom and it is something unique. 

How would you define your style and what makes it unique? 

I feel like I don’t have a defined style, I like to experiment with materials such as chapopoteencausto, acrylics, pastels, alcohol tints, and more. I also like to combine the abstract with the graphic. It is something crazy filled with energy. 

What is the thing you enjoy the most while painting? 

The freedom of speech without any sort of control or time. I like getting carried away without necessarily knowing the final result. Most importantly, enjoying every moment while creating a piece from the beginning to the end. 

How is Mexico reflected in your pieces?

In the colors, the joy, and the energy of our traditions and people. 

What has been your favorite challenge or achievement until now? 

Last year I was selected for MEXICRANEOS 2020 with my piece “Jardín en el alma”, including the pieces Craneo Monumental, Litocráneo and Canvas. I really wanted to participate in such an event, and in a year like 2020, full of hardships, receiving the news that I was selected was a great surprise. I am so grateful for this project that kept me entertained and happy during our lockdown year. 

Instagram: @ferim_art

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