Forum Boca: Veracruz’s New Cultural Center

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The new cultural center of Veracruz is the Forum Boca, located at the intersection of the river and the sea. This architectural jewel runs under the command of Mexican architect Michael Rojkind. It will be built in an area of 6,000 square meters and the architectural plan consists of a three-level concert hall for 950 people with a rehearsal room, an area with recording studios, dressing rooms and a download area. The project is also composed of an area of offices and a music library. The public area consists of an entrance hall with a terrace overlooking the sea and river, cafes and a restaurant and outdoor public space that extends to the breakwater, which will have entertainment areas also. Forum Boca will be the headquarters of the Orchestra of Boca del Rio and will bring even more culture not only to Veracruz, but to the entire zone. The project will give the city an arts and culture identity.

The Mayor of Boca del Río, Miguel Angel Yunez Márquez along with the architect Michel Rojkind, presented the project with the importance it deserves, as one of the most important architectural projects. The Forum Boca will be ready in November 2016, and will become a huge economic trigger for the entire region.


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