Holistika Tulum

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

You can make many stops in Mexico in search of spiritual shelters; most of them combine power, lifestyle, philosophy, meditation, breathing and physical exercises, a study center, art and music space. All that unfolds in a magnificent space like this, full of architecture and design, allows the effective development of each activity and inspires the performance of each activity. It is a unique oasis in which getting lost will transform life.

Around the Riviera Maya in Mexico you may find different points and spaces for spiritual yoga retreats and re-encounter a peaceful space amongst the chaos and speed of contemporary life. Think of this experience as a type of lifestyle more than a one-time retreat. This week we found an incredible space submerged in the Mayan jungle called Holisitka Tulum. From the entrance it may seem that you’re about to enter a place where the world ends, but actually where it begins, with an arc of several meters in height mixing with the overflowing, radiant vegetation.

The name “holistic” brings us closer to the reality that we’ll live, and is a complete center that offers the following services: vegetarian restaurant, a conference room, yoga classes, spaces with rooms for retreats, a temazcal, an art gallery, hotel with quality rooms, a lovely under-tress swimming pool, organic shop, open space for fire and circle ceremonies, and open space formed by huge living trees, vegetation, plants and wild animals that unite each of these architectural bodies. Holistika Tulum offers its space for organizing your own retreat complete with daily classes, couple or individual massages, sound therapy, aromatherapy products and much more. It is located in a privileged area of Tulum and is a place that far exceeds any experience that can be described in words. It is necessary to witness the magic and absolute serenity of Holistika with your own presence. Namaste.

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