Home Highlight: Alcazar de Toledo

In Architecture & Design by Suzanne Koch

Fast Facts

Name: Alcazar de Toldeo

Architects: Sordo Madaleno Architects

Location: Mexico City

Size: 58,889 Square Feet

Completed: 2018

Nestled into the side of a hill overlooking Mexico City, Alcazar de Toledo is an modern showcase of stunning design. The luxury residences highlight the green space, a goal of Sordo Madaleno Architects who designed the project. The building is made up of four rectangular floors with offset layouts. This creates funky shaped terraces, patios and yards. Amenities here include high ceilings, open common areas and large floor-to-ceiling windows.  In contrast to its natural environment, the location offers views of the surrounding city. Read more here.

Photos: Jaime Navarro, HH Fotografía

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