Hotelito Mío

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The North Coast of the state of Jalisco in Mexico is full of boutique hotels full of luxury, gastronomy, fantastic architecture and Mexican design. Puerto Vallarta is located in this area of the country, and is full of nature and a lot of natural diversity. It is located in front of the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by colorful mountains that are populated by vegetation. It is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in all of Mexico. It offers different and beautiful beaches, rivers, forests, art, customs, traditions and legends. Above all, it has a great variety of luxury hotels that are waiting for you!

Hotelito Mio is listed as one of the best boutique hotel throughout the state. It is characterized by their excellence in the details, the warmth of its staff and unmatched service throughout the all day and night. Hotelito Mio is a dream come true, located on one of the privileged beaches of the Mexican Pacific, surrounded by jungle and privacy, making it the ideal space for having an intimate time. You can enjoy the boardwalk of the city, and enjoy walks on the beach, visit different art galleries and taste different restaurants. Hotelito Mio is unique because it consists of only eight private villas. And you do not have a menu, the chef simply cookes instantly any dish you want. This and many more surprises are waiting for you at this unreal space at the edge of the sea.


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