Ikal Store at Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

We all know that one of the cities that is in the eye of all designers, artists and fashion-lovers is the fantastic Mexico City. It has already been a decade since it started increasing its art production by generating contemporary artists with an international dialogue, world-known fashion designers and industrial design, jewelry and architecture that has left the world with admiration and desire for Mexico’s talent.

Nowadays around Mexico City you can find boutiques in any area of ​​the city where you will find local design but in 2018 you can not miss Ikal Store. It opened its doors a few months ago and features some of the best Mexican designers, it is a store that focuses on promoting Mexican design and having a strong union of designers and independent brands. The creators of Ikal are Concepción Orvañanos and Eduardo Dubost and their goal for Ikal is to be a space that works as a cultural diffuser and gives more life to the Polanco area. It seeks to create an experience of the highest quality while remaining an accessible space. Go enjoy this amazing spot.


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