Jacinta: A Jewelry Brand for The Modern Women

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Even though Jacinta was just founded in March of this year (a very complicated one), the brand has been able to position them as one of the favorites.

The greatest quality about Jacinta is that their designs are made to meet everyone’s personality since you can find simple pieces for the most traditional ones or very modern and elaborated ones for the trendiest tastes. Their catalogue has rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Jacinta was created by two Mexican woman called Daniela and Fernanda, who decided to follow their passion for jewelry by creating the brand. All their pieces are made of 925 silver and 18k gold plated, they choose these materials to ensure the durability of the pieces. The material and designs are thought to make timeless pieces for a woman to have their entire lives.  

Letter Collection

One of their most outstanding line is the Letters Collection, a group of necklaces with one letter as the main element decorated with zirconia. An amazing opportunity to personalize your jewelry with the first letter of your name, kids or someone special, also they work great as a gift.

Their pieces can be worn as a statement for a special evening or for the day-to-day life of every woman. This week and the next one they will be joining the “Buen Fin” (the Mexican Black Friday), and you can get a 15% Off with the code BUENFIN.

Check out their amazing options here and at their IG page @jacinta_joyeria.

“Women and their strength have always been our main source of inspiration and motivation. Throughout our collections we explore what it means to be a woman now a days, we believe there is nothing better than women supporting each other”.

Daniela y Fernanda

Photographs: courtesy of Jacinta.

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