In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The Island of Cozumel was not always the heavenly tourist destination that we know today. The island has been inhabited, uninhabited, conquered and today almost re-invented. The buildings are accomplices of this process and the old colonial houses that are located in the heart of Cozumel Island Downtown, where today lives Jacinta, are a great example. Jacinta was built at the beginning of the twentieth century and is a traditional house with Yucatacan influence that has managed to maintain its splendor over four generations.

Jacinta is a bridge to the past and a tribute to the people that repopulated the island. Jacinta is named after the two leaders who led the first uprising of indigenous natives in colonial Yucatan  that rebelled against the oppression in search of a better future for the original inhabitants of Cozumel. Today, the gastronomy allows them to demonstrate the mixture of cultures and sharpen the link that exists between the culture of the Yucatan and Cozumel. It is a great surprise to be able to enjoy typical dishes of the region with a touch of something more global. The mixture of flavors with the interior atmosphere make it ideal to experience a feeling of home on the inside while at the same time, enjoy the visual contemporary architecture of the space.

The architectural and interior design was led by the Mexican office of Punto Arquitectónico, Lorena Guzmán, LDI and Nuestro Hábitat, who explained that the biggest challenge was to create the interventions without changing the dialogue of the old house. The project covers three main areas: the restaurant, that allows you to enjoy dishes such as “Lobster with Red Fruits;” a backyard for future expansion; and a house that works independently. The experience is complemented by a boutique that offers regional and completely artisan hand-made products by a group of local artists, demonstrating the deep love to our land. If you are visiting the Riviera Maya, Jacinta is a place that you should not forget to visit on the beautiful Cozumel Island.

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