Jacobo Toledo Androgynous Jewelry

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

By removing the gender label in each of its collections, this Mexican jewelry brand finds the approach to people by means of taste and conviction of each one of them. The experience in the androgynous jewelry by Jacobo Toledo opened the spectrum of possibilities for using these ancestral pieces without prejudice. The philosophy on which this brand is based is the following:

“We understand  jewelry as an element of composition in the design of the human figure. We believe that the value of a gem rests in the ties generated with its carrier, without leaving aside the social and individual statement that is expressed without words.”

It is jewelry that transmits a message, using design as a portal to express values such as respect, equality and honesty. Supporting the growth of a society without stigmas, without reasons to divide and on the other hand find bridges that unite us. Supporting from different angles the human individuality and the union as one race. It is increasingly common to find new brands that have a language in the objects they create, creating the true value of the piece in the process and the end result just a piece of art that can be used to repeatedly recall the nucleus of life in your everyday life; to go back to the source, to the soul.

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