Km 33

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

At the heart of Tulum you will find everything necessary to achieve a fun, luxurious and stylish stay. Km 33 is a boutique shop located on the main street of Tulum, Boca Paila. The shop is a neighbor of the well-known Coqui Coqui Residences, Gitano Bar, the great Hartwood and many more great spots.

Km 33 began with the love and passion for Latin American design and accessories that range from exotic gold bracelets to new designs that arise and shine throughout the country. The concept of this boutique is based on the deep appreciation for art and talent that exists in Latin America. One of the objectives is to highlight “Made in Mexico;” the pieces exhibited in the store represent the roots of culture, craftwork and quality of design. The brands that are represented at Km 33 are those that have made alliances with local artisans to strengthen the quality of their products.

Km 33 was born with the idea and inspiration of a rich and colorful culture, talent, materials, creativity and especially Latin potential. The craft work, combined with the diversity of design and materials gives, as a result, unique pieces converted into objects of the highest quality for daily use. Km33 has become a showroom of the most representative Mexican and Latin American talent with the purpose of making it known to a much larger audience, which means around the world.




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