La Chaya

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Utilizing walking as the main tool for knowing cities, we find ourselves with a different experience in each travel. Depending on the time of day, day of the week, the company and the area, we experience different scenarios in each area. Even if you walk the same city in which you have lived or the same area you normally know, the journey can be captivating each time. In this case, we are referring to the endless and always surprising Mexico City.

Since a few years ago, the centers like “Mercado Roma,” “Mercado del Carmen,” “Milan 44” and “Barrio Alameda” have grown popular between the inhabitants and visitors of the city. In these centers various dining options, rooftops with restaurants and/or bars, art galleries, yoga centers, flower shops, candy and organic shops and a space of social coexistence to eat, have a glass of wine or enjoy a cup of coffee complement the areas. Not only is this useful to society by creating a sense of community, but also in utilizing a large part of the city area. In this case we speak of Barrio Alameda and the rooftop space it occupies, boasting magnificent panoramic views of the historic downtown Mexico City.

Located in an old building that has been recently reconstructed, the space houses a variety of businesses from a burger and mescal joint, yoga classes, art galleries and a quaint bed and breakfast. The B&B, Chaya is not only a great option due to the perfect location, but the atmosphere of the space also adds to its alluring qualities. It makes you feel like a traveler within your own city or enjoy being one if coming from another state or country. This B&B makes it easy sharing certain spaces with other guests by maintaining the feeling of being on vacation while also keeping the feeling of home. With wooden floors, open spaces, hammocks hanging on the yards, plants in every corner as accomplices of pleasure and enjoyment, the smell of coffee in the morning and a spectacular view as the background during your entire stay, Chaya B&B will make your experience unforgettable.

Chaya B&B is the perfect space for a staycation. Enjoy a weekend away from home and spend the night in one of the beautiful suites. Spend your day walking by the Alameda Central, visiting the amazing Palace of “Bellas Artes,” the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, or strolling through the streets of the center where folklore, life, culture and identity surround you in every corner.

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