Loly in the Sky, Total Magic

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The most incredible ideas are the most beautiful when they become a reality. Loly in the Sky is a Mexican brand that creates fashion articles full of beauty, imagination, fantasy, music and passion. The shoes, sunnies and bags are unique pieces created with a fun design that will make any day much brighter. Lorena Vazquez’s passion for shoes has become a brand that makes women happy throughout Mexico and little by little, the whole world. The scope of this happiness can be found on her online store, shops and other various spots around Mexico and now, in department stores like Macy’s in the United States and other countries like Canada, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

The story begins with the creator, Lorena Vázquez, a young Mexican girl with a passion for music and fashion. Focused on her education as a fashion designer, she studied in Milan and received her Masters Degree in Barcelona. It was there, together with the Catalans artisans, that she experienced the passion of creating beautiful shoes. It was in 2010 when she decided to start Loly in the Sky, together with her brother Eduardo Vazquez, both prepared to make their dreams a reality by creating original, fun accessories that give women a special feeling when wearing them. Through its great imagination, creativity, talent and passion in 2015, Loly in the Sky was recognized as one of the 30 most promising Mexican businesses by Forbes.





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