MAAD Architecture and Interior Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

An interior architecture office that works from and for the soul is MAAD Architecture. The man responsible for creating spaces and atmospheres full of identity, color, good taste and life is the architect Mariano Aguirre. He has established an architecture office that exists with grace and talent and has anything you need to transform your space. The office follows the philosophy of creating spaces designed to the extent and needs of the customer, not the office:

Being the creation of spaces our passion, we are an architecture firm, established in Mexico City, specializing in interior design. From a consultancy in decoration, to an integral draft of architectural and interior design, MAAD offers a space solution designed for you. Listening to and understanding the needs of our customers, we shape spaces which speak of them and their thoughts. We believe that architecture and design are critical to achieve a life of harmony.

Many of the projects that the office has created are characterized by using iconic pieces of design and classic brands like Knoll, Herman Miller and Cassina. Adding, depending on the project, hints of contemporary design, neutral color palettes or vibrant, proper lighting to give the necessary sensations and above all they manage to infuse the identity of the people who inhabit them in the spaces.

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