Mabayo: The Colors of Joy

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You cannot talk about Mexican culture without talking about folklore, color, joy and a quality of workmanship that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Whenever I find local brands that create products that manage to transmit all of that, the first thing I want is to share it with everyone around me, because I truly believe that these creations make us all very proud due to its uniqueness, originality and bringing out the essence of Mexico in each one of its pieces. Mabayo is definitely one of them. We had the opportunity to talk to Suad and Octavio, the creators of the brand, who told us what is all this beautiful project about.  

Mabayo was born from the desire to create; it was put into practice 5 years ago based on the idea of ​​promoting artisan work. We started with the first clay pot model with handcrafted details from San Cristobal de las Casas. We sold everything we had done after a few months, so we decided to launch new collections using techniques from different artisan communities from San Cristobal de las Casas, Metepec, Nativitas, Temoaya and Pahuatlán. 

Our collections reflect those ups and downs of the creative process, where sometimes you hit a roadblock, while others you are right on point. Mabayo is creation, it’s continuing, believing, working and seeing where the flowers are coming from. Our product is a way of offering something good to those who want to receive or exchange; we love plants, watering them, caring for them and making people appreciate a little more that basic resource that we all have. Dignity is a human resource we all have, it is the resource of being able to create with our own hands. Create, plant, accommodate, touch, cook; we can all do it. 

The artisan is not an artisan for the sake of living in a mountain and making jewelry, they are artisans because they make piece by piece, handmade, and does not reproduce them industrially, so we deeply thank our team of artisans that without them this would not be possible. Our pieces are unique, we currently have collections of flower vases and pots and we are looking little by little to expand our lines for home decoration.

Currently we have our online store and you can find us at the Museo Tamayo store in Mexico City.

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