Mariangel Coghlan

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

With only five years of operation in Mexico, Mariangel Coghlan has created more than 800 projects as a design firm that strives to generate new ideas every day. Their philosophy is based on approaching people to get to know them, understand their interests and purpose for the space and the intention with which they want to project. In this way they can start developing the project to make their customers happy as they are always looking to surprise and exceed the expectations of their customers. In each project they have made the maximum effort to achieve the dreams of every person through its design, beauty and happiness. This company believes that everything can be solved through good design.

The company works with the highest standards of quality and follows a protocol of social and environmental responsibility, from the moment they choose the raw materials that are obtained from organic farming. Mariangel Coghlan has also created  FundacionMC, which analyzes the social and cultural action of the signature. The mission is to promote and support the education of art in Mexico. Currently they are getting involved in creating the foundations to finance the professional studies of young leaders who dream of a better Mexico through the creation of music, cinema and arts.


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