Marso Contemporary Art Gallery

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Many galleries have enjoyed many years receiving, creating and producing art, exhibiting the topics that are most related with the contemporary situation while also creating careers of emerging artists with full potential and presenting international artists. This has caused a fury for many years in Mexico City, the world and even around the globe. Mexico is a country in which you must closely stay tuned to follow and know the more promising contemporary art.

Marso is a contemporary art gallery that receives artists with a defined path and others that begin with a lot of energy. This space began working with curatorship in the year 2012. In 2013 it was established as a gallery, committed to exposing provocative issues with an emphasis on topics relevant to the Mexican and Latin American context. Because it works with national and international artists, both established and emerging, the exhibitions that it presents generate an echo that sounds in other latitudes.

In addition to the regular exhibitions it presents and participation in international fairs, Marso publishes art books that are graphic results of cultural institutions, residences for artists and so much more. The gallery also represents artists who have represented the country in different international fairs. Marso is not only one of the “newest” contemporary art galleries of the city, it is also the most complete. Inside the building there is another space within the same gallery called “Salaseis” where multidisciplinary themes are exposed. The work of architects, musicians and artists are presented in this space to speak with a bigger vocabulary about the different issues that create the society and the space in which we now live. Do not skip a visit here to enjoy the delight of a great afternoon with exhibitions that will leave you thinking, analyzing and feeling reality.



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