Meroma, The New Favorite in Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The new it place that has everybody talking in Mexico City is Meroma. This restaurant was built with a contemporary cuisine focused on the local product located at the heart of Colonia Roma in the wonderful Mexico City. It is a project that seeks to use avante-garde culinary techniques while taking advantage of the best ingredients that Mexico has to offer. The result is undoubtedly a unique, accessible and absolutely exquisite experience.

One of the main objectives of Meroma is always to work with suppliers that share the interest for sustainability. The product they provide is the most important piece. That is why they have created a very special network of small producers, in which they provide quality products with unique local characteristics.

The chefs that created this wonderful place are Mercedes Bernal and Rodney Cusic. Since graduating from The International Culinary Center in NY, the chefs spent years working in the best restaurants in New York, Rome and London; like L ‘Atelier by Jöel Robuchon, Osteria Glass and The Musket Room just to name a few. It was in 2016 when they decided to start a new adventure and create their own with everything they had learned.

This is how this beautiful and wonderful place was born. It is a place that fills all the senses, the incredible architecture in which it is located combined with the perfect mix of textures in the place and in each dish. Not to mention the taste and smell of every plate that arrives to your table. Words abound when the most important thing is to witness a unique experience offered within the great Mexico City.

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