Meshic: Mexican Essence

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Who doesn’t love candles? In any home, office or room with a bit of identity in decoration and architecture you will always find these wonderful objects. Candles provide harmony by bringing warmth into spaces and are available in different sizes, scents and colors. Meshic candles are not any common candles however; they are beautiful products made in Mexico in a conscious way. Each candle is eco-friendly, since they use soy wax of the highest quality which is biodegradable and comes from a renewable resource.

Meshic is a Mexican company that finds its inspiration in their great country of origin: Mexico. The colors, flavors, aromas and textures of this rich and extensive country have been the point of origin for many designers, artists, writers and architects. Meshic supports and believes in quality products created in Mexico, which is why they decided to join in. The objective of the candles give a new experience to customers: moments with unimaginable aromas. The aromas are: watermelon, horchata, cajeta, piloncillo, bugambilia and jacaranda. Yes, these are exotic, yet soft aromas that lead us to another space by only lighting them up. In addition to  the sensorial experience through these candles, the shape, color and design makes them an aesthetic design for any home and the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones.

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