Mild GH: Mexico in the XXI Century

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Mild GH is the name given to this one floor apartment constructed in 2014 by the creative studio Archetonic. It is located in Lomas de Vista Hermosa, a zone in Mexico City where wind is present 365 days of the year. The main premise in the design of this luxury place was to potentiate freedom, flexibility and transformation of spaces, as well as harnessing the views of the lush gardens that surround the building. The atypical height of 13-feet and natural light, which appears in every single room, achieve a sense of breadth and visual cleanliness. Simple geometry was used based on a central corridor as the heart of the open and semi-open spaces. This apartment is an example of how architecture and interior design use Mexican elements as an inspiration and not literally, creating contemporary homes with a Mexican essence. I personally love the way they incorporated black color without turning it into a dark and dim place. Purple details are found all over as a factor of joy. Mild GH is a blissful and creative apartment inhabited by a young couple satisfied by the fact that the flat’s structure doesn’t interfere with growth and family dynamics.

(Photos: Rafael Gamo)

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