The Palm at Playa: Luxury Accommodations

In Architecture & Design, Playa del Carmen & Tulum, Stay by Ali Madrazo

The Palm at Playa is a place that integrates luxury, excellent service, comfort, cuisine and of course, the best terrace in Playa del Carmen. It is located just one block from the main street of this wonderful destination, and it proposes a concept called beach lifestyle, where adults can enjoy the best environment while staying in a top category hotel. It has 69 modern and spacious rooms, which are divided into lofts and suites. Upon entering the hotel, you can tell that it is a lively and fun place by its lobby which has an interior garden designed in the likeness of the Mayan jungle. The Roof Club is undoubtedly the most attractive spot of this hotel, with a relaxing pool that even has a hammock inside, and of course the sea view that fascinates anyone. The gastronomic part is not left behind when it is about pampering the guest, this is because Chef Karla Enciso surprises the diners with delicious dishes at Aroma Cilantro Restaurant. If you plan to dine out or have fun at one of the many bars of Playa del Carmen, do not forget to stop at the terrace for a drink before, where the music is ready to acclimate to all attendees.

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