Restaurant El Lago in Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Located at the heart of Mexico City, the restaurant El Lago is immersed into the vegetation of the Bosque of Chapultepec, which enjoys a space equivalent to two times that of Central Park. The history of this space begins in the year of its construction in 1964 by the acclaimed and concrete genius, architect Felix Candela, the wonderful character of architectural history that experimented with hyperbolic paraboloid. Fifty years have passed since the grand opening and the restaurant remains as the space of a necessary visit in marvelous Mexico, both by the people that live here, and by foreigners and visitors from all over the country.

Through time it was necessary to renew the space, which is exactly what the Mexican Architecture Office of Sordo Madaleno did. The restaurant is reflected along the magic waters of Lake Mayor, which gives it a special touch and transports you outside of Mexico City by taking you back to its golden years. In addition to enjoying a unique experience inside the city, guests are able to walk through the beautiful park with the nearby body lake, while also enjoying the exquisite cuisine of the restaurant. You can feel and taste the magic of Mexico through your whole body in every bite. El Lago serves up Mexican cuisine with a little mixture of pueblos that infuse international inspiration and still find the typical flavors characteristic of this country like beans, corn, chili, insects, cactus and quelites. Not only is it distinguished by its history but it also remains one of the best sites of the city. El Lago is an experience that any visitor needs to enjoy in this magical country.









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