Revolution: An Architecture Firm With A View To The Future

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RVTN (founded by current Director Architect Andrés Bustamante Arrieta), not only uses technology and research in every project, but takes in consideration elements that will be key in the future like sustainability, social conscience and emergency architecture.

Revolution has an office in New York City as well as in Mexico City. The firm has been standing out not only for its impeccable style, but also for their philanthropic work and their minimum housing focus. The versatility of the firm allows them to create various projects in different areas like housing, mixed use, commercial spaces, urbanism and resorts in many locations throughout Mexico like Cancún, Coahuila, Puebla, Playa del Carmen and Mexico City, among others.

For resorts and destinations RVTN created Mazul, at Santa Elena el Tule in Oaxaca. A house by the beach that aims to respect and connect with the local fauna by using materials like wood, adobe and concrete, these materials were also chosen for its adaptation with the beach’s climate. An amazing view to the sea and the vegetation were key elements when designing this space, also every detail is meticulously though for functionality and luxury,  like every front of the house can be opened to allow wind currents to flow.

                                                                  Mazul at Santa Elena el Tule, Oaxaca

One of the Firm’s most outstanding projects is the “Temporary Housing Pavilion for Health Workers” (Pabellón de Vivienda Temporal para Personal Sanitario), a space that allows health personnel to rest, shower and stay while working in constant contact with COVID-19 patients. This place is made out of modules that are easily put together, these modules can be recycled or reused in the future and can be installed in any outdoor space like a parking lot or a park. This model was a resource used before by RVTN during the 2017’s earthquake In Mexico City for the Mexican Red Cross, to aid victims of the catastrophe and offer a temporary place to stay. These kind of solutions and creations demonstrate the values of the firm and also show how they’re ready for any inconvenience in the future.

                                                                           Temporary Housing Pavilion for Health Workers

There is no obstacle for RVTN as they have the experience, ideas and technology to create any space with innovation and style. Take a look at all their creations here.

“Revolution is born out of the idea of breaking schemes, inspired by the greatest rebels in history like Martin Luther King Junior and Malcom X”

Andrés Bustamante Arrieta, Founder and Director of Revolution

Photos: courtesy of Revolution.

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