In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Rokam is a material built by minerals, cement and integral reinforcement and is the perfect combination to achieve the perfect resistance and flexibility to make every job a success. Every piece is made without the need to use external assistance or auxiliary as steel. The versatility of the product allows you to create a wide variety of products for modular construction, coatings, lattices, urban furniture, decorative objects, art and interior spaces. Actually any imaginable project you need, Rokam can do. Because the aggregated minerals are of a natural origin, it is guaranteed that the color will stay the same for many years. The maximum surface area for a single piece is 20 square meters so the only limit is your imagination.

Rokam keeps up to date with contemporary constructive processes, which is why they have developed the most practical way to reduce time and increase quality, through modular construction. Rokam pre-constructs the best alternative for any constructive elements so it is perfect in order to arrive at the exact time needed during the constructive process. By the resistance-weight ratio achieved, Rokam features the best option for this product.

The perfect combination is the goodness of the concrete of Rokam with wood of the highest quality to provide furniture that lasts a lifetime, with a custom design, perfect for any space you have. The new way of offering architecture and interior works or pieces has become fully personalized, making more customers happy. Rokam has worked with different artists, architects and both Mexican and international designers. Some samples of what you can create with this material are below:



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