Sabor a Miel: The Sweetest Condo

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

“Sabor a Miel” is an architectural project by the famous Yucatecan architecture office Reyes Rios +Larrain, the architects responsible for Hotel Boutique Xocolate in Merida and multiple villas with luxurious details. Once again, they have succeeded by creating another space to enjoy life.

This time, the project is a 17-unit building with different types of condos and distribution, creating opportunities and preferences for different customers to customize the interior and make the owners feel at home in an ideal vacation location.

The set of condos is located in the “Italian Zone” of Playa del Carmen, an area which has been created to provide a boutique-hotel-experience but full-time. The spaces are created with all regional materials; the finished details include chukum and the interior design reflects the natural taste of the sea life, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and joy; fresh coconut water and tropical fruits with the turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea as a background always creates a dreamy image where everybody wants to be.

Sabor a Miel define themselves as: “This is our definition of lifestyle: wake up in the morning and smile knowing that we made the best decisions: living in a house on the beach. That is Sabor a Miel.”

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