Seawalls, Murals for the Ocean

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Seawalls is part of an organization called Pangeaseed, whose objective is to create awareness surrounding oceans and marine life. Through science, art and the work of the community, Pangeaseed intends to create spaces with graphic messages to beautify the space and to help spread awareness and connection with nature, specifically oceans.

Mexico is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and are the responsibility of all of us; the decisions that we make every day can benefit or harm them. Educating the next generation is crucial to preserving the enormous bodies of water that keep Earth full of diversity and life.

Who doesn’t love the sea? The action on these urgent issues is necessary and the duty of all citizens. PangeaSeed is an international organization of marine conservation, and devotes its time to work on this urgent issue. There are different ways to get involved on their web page.

Out of this beautiful organization appears SeaWalls: Murals for the Oceans, the first movement of this type that seeks to save the oceans with art. In 2015, 35 artists created murals on the island of Cozumel, Mexico. Seawalls along with World Art Destinations and Tony Delfino created this festival that lasted five days and made 35 large-scale public murals that not only made the exotic island beautiful, but it left a permanent message on the importance of saving our ecosystem. The issues that the murals focus on are: saving marine life, creating awareness on the topic of trash and graphically expressing the importance of taking action on these issues!

Once more, art is built as a bridge to highlight the issues of greatest importance in society and on the planet. The images are a universal language. Lets enjoy them.

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