Feel The Ocean Breeze at Viento de Mar Tulum

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Pamper yourself and explore the sensations that nature gives to us in the best possible space: Viento del Mar Tulum. Located in front of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, this boutique hotel offers a complete experience, highlighting the most important and beautiful spots of the landscape, while making you feel at home at all times and relaxing your senses by offering you the best service.

All of its suites are a perfect size, with ambience and decor that convey peace and tranquility, generating a constant flow of connection with the environment through the architecture and design. The color palette is neutral with touches of turquoise blue. From the main entrance you experience a pair of flying beige drapes and the turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea as the background.

The hotel favors the refreshing color of white with the concrete and wood, making the perfect combination. This fabulous hotel has a pool, which very few hotels in Tulum do. Bone-color hammocks are hanging in front of the beach and on every balcony, perfect for enjoying drinks with bubbles, or a healthy smoothie and a good book. The hotel is committed to the environment so all amenities are organic. The boutique hotel does not have any objects that generate stress in daily life like watches, radios and televisions; the aim is to re-connect with nature and with your own self.

Viento de Mar has different rooms with sea views, gardens, family rooms or beachfront, all created with the same dialog of interaction with nature. The hotel also has a restaurant with a sea view that offers exquisite dishes and drinks, and a spa for indulging your body and soul. What are you waiting for?


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